Wide academic condemnation at Hilla University College for the provocative action of the Sweden for burning the Holy Quran and the flag of Iraq.


The academic of Hilla University College and all its affiliates denounce the immoral act adopted by the Swedish government in burning the holy book, the constitution of Islam and the Iraqi flag, disrespecting the feelings of Muslims, provoking sedition and incitement, which is a crime punishable by international law, which stipulates respect for all religions. In addition, insulting Islam and the Holy Book of God is a crime A racist incitement that has nothing to do with freedom of expression and belief. Rather, it is a provocative act for the entire Islamic world. Therefore, Muslims all over the world are required to unite and defend their beliefs, and that the continuation of these heinous acts must not be repeated in any way, and let the whole world know that the Islamic religion is the most honorable and complementary religion. After him, he carries all the meanings of tolerance and brotherhood, and demands human rights and freedoms, and rejects slavery, racism, and aggression against other religions. Our stand today as one hand in defending our beliefs will prevent the recurrence of attacks on our sanctities by any aggressive party that does not respect the feelings of Muslims and sever relations with any country that adopts the method of incitement and aggression against other religions.



التعليقات مغلقة.