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Honoring the Departments of Nursing and Dentistry for obtaining the first place at the level of Babil Governorate in the competitive evaluation exam held by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

With pride and honor and under the auspices of the Dean of Hilla University College, Prof. Dr. (Aqil Al-Saadi), the college held a ceremony to honor the professors and students of the departments of nursing and dentistry on the occasion of their obtaining the first place in Babil Governorate and the fourth place in the success rates of private colleges at the level of Iraq.
Where the college, represented by the deanship and the administrative body, appreciated the efforts of the dear professors and students, with an honoring ceremony worthy of the giving and the efforts made by them in raising the status and sobriety of the college.
In this regard, the Dean of the College, Prof. Dr. Aqil Al-Saadi, blessed the efforts of the nursing and dental departments and their teachers, and expressed his happiness at the achievement of the students in this regard.
The Department of Nursing at Hilla University College ranked first in the assessment exam at the level of nursing faculties in private universities and colleges in Iraq, examining the subject “Microbiology” by Professor Dr. It was carried out with follow-up by the Scientific Supervision and Evaluation Authority at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
This great achievement comes through vigorous follow-up by the Dean of the College by providing all means of success in evaluation exams and overcoming all obstacles facing students.
#Thank you to the Dean of the College for their continuous support.
#Thank you for teaching calendar materials for their outstanding efforts.
#Thank you our students for your excellence

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