Joint scientific research cooperation in one of the international scientific journals


Hillah University College continues to build its reputation as a leading institution in the field of scientific research, and in this regard, a joint scientific research was published through the cooperation of Professor Dr. Abbas Deegan, Head of the English Department (Education) in our college, and teaching assistant Zahraa Hamid Obaid, entitled “A pragma-rhetorical study.” of Prince Harry’s secession Speech”, a deliberative rhetorical study of Prince Harry’s speech upon his separation from the British royal family… in the American magazine Zein Journal with an impact factor of 6.798
The research deals with the study of pragmatic and rhetorical methods with the aim of convincing the public of the justifications for separation. The research has developed a theoretical model that combines rhetoric from the perspective of the philosopher Plato and pragmatic structures to explore the methods of persuasion in discourse.

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