Central admission workshop in private universities and colleges 2023-2024


In the presence of the Director of the Private University Education Department in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Fares Mahdi Alwan, the Director of the Student Affairs Department, Dr. Muhammad Abbas, the Director of the Admissions Division, Al-Sitt Arafat, and a number of heads of registration and student affairs departments at private universities and colleges throughout Iraq.
Hilla University College participated with a delegation from the Registration Division in the administrative and technical workshop for central admission to private universities and colleges 2023-2024, which was organized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research – Department of Private University Education, and which was held at the People’s Private University.
The workshop was devoted to discussing the controls and conditions related to the electronic central admission 2023-2024 and its role in facilitating the obstacles facing students regarding the application process to study in private universities and colleges. It also addressed the topic of technical instructions and admission mechanisms and systems, in addition to learning about the interfaces of the student registration system.

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