Publishing scientific research in the proceedings of the First National Conference on Sustainable Development at the University of Basra


Within the research activity at Hilla University College, Professor Dr. Abd Al-Ridha Sarhan, teaching in the Department of Dentistry at Hilla University College, published an international scientific research entitled (Microbial fuel cells are sustainable vital factors in converting waste into clean bioenergy) in the proceedings of the national virtual conference. The First for Sustainable Development/University of Basra.
The research addresses “the importance of using microorganisms in the field of sustainability within energy production and maintaining environmental integrity, in addition to preventing the depletion of natural resources and ensuring that they remain available in the long term. Microorganisms play an important role in the environment, as well as being crucial in a series of cleaner technologies, The world now bears a greater responsibility to adopt sustainable measures and clean biotechnology. Microorganisms (microbial cells), which represent the largest number of biomass in the environment, have a tremendous ability to perform chemical transformations by exploiting organic compounds available in domestic and industrial waste and converting them into electrical energy. Bio. The aim of the current research is to identify sustainable methods to improve the application of microbial fuel cells (microorganisms, including bacteria and fungi) with their various functions to produce electrical energy from a biological source through the use of waste as a basic environment for the development of microorganisms that have the ability in this field, and at the same time It also contributes to protecting the environment from the pollution caused by this waste

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