Hilla University College hosts the training workshop on first aid and medical injections

In the presence of the Dean of Hilla University College, Professor Dr. Aqeel Al-Saadi, and Assistant Professor Dr. Imad Salam Abboud, Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs, Alpha Medical Academy held a training workshop in the field of first aid and medical injections in Gilgamesh Hall in the Ibn Sina Building in Hilla University College.
Al-Saadi said in a speech he delivered on this occasion, “The aim of this workshop is to provide participants with basic information about the first aid necessary to deal with emergency situations, as well as to spread a culture of first aid at high levels among educational staff, to preserve the lives of children and the public.”
The workshop included several topics, the most important of which are: cardiopulmonary resuscitation and gastrointestinal surgery for adults, children and infants,” he added, adding that the workshop will last for two days.

The workshop was organized with the aim of enhancing the skills of students and participants in the field of first aid and medical injections. Awareness lectures and practical training were provided, including learning about the correct methods for providing first aid, and how to perform medical injections in a safe and effective manner. Participants were also provided with an opportunity to practice applying these practical skills in simulations of realistic medical cases. The workshop was a valuable opportunity to learn, develop and enhance co

mpetencies in the field of primary medical care.


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