A dialogue seminar on the occasion of World Mental Health Day


On the occasion of World Mental Health Day, a dialogue symposium was held this morning in the Nursing Department entitled (Exploring the professional life and job satisfaction of nurses in mental health hospitals in Iraq) presented by the rapporteur of the Nursing Department at Al-Tusi University College and the doctoral student in the field of psychiatric and mental health nursing, Firas Al-Aboudi, with the participation of a group of Students of the fourth stage of the psychological course.
Ways to prevent psychological illnesses, abuse of psychotropic substances, pathological anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts among Iraqi youth were discussed. Participants discussed the causes of bullying among students and methods of prevention and treatment of burnout syndrome while practicing the humanitarian nursing profession, whose members play an important role in enhancing the health of Iraqi society. To sustainable development.
The symposium was attended by the Dean’s Assistants for Scientific and Administrative Affairs and a group of faculty members and students from the department.

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