A ceremony honoring the top students of the Department of Medical Physics


Under the patronage of the respected Professor Dr. Aqeel Al-Saadi, and within the activities of the annual scientific and cultural seasons of Hilla University College, the Department of Medical Physics organized a ceremony to honor the top students in all academic levels, in the presence of the Assistant Dean for Scientific and Administrative Affairs, the faculty members, and a large number of students and university guests, on Monday, the 23rd. -10-2023.
In his speech at the ceremony, the Dean offered congratulations to his distinguished students who continued their efforts and diligently attended the lesson in order to make the most of the teachers’ contributions and to increase their amount of knowledge in a way that enhances the chances of success in their future lives in various fields of work and knowledge, wishing them an educational journey. Full of success and excellence…
The ceremony witnessed a number of cultural events, including free drawing, as well as question-asking sessions and the distribution of prizes to the winners.

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