World Breast Cancer Awareness Month (Pink October)


Under the patronage of the respected Professor Dr. (Aqeel Al-Saadi), and within the activities of the annual scientific and cultural seasons of Hilla University College, the Continuing Education Unit, in cooperation with the Babylon Health Department, held the Pink Wallet Campaign on the occasion of the month of October, under the slogan (Always remember… your life is precious) to raise awareness about early detection of breast cancer. Today, Tuesday, 10/24/2023, at ten o’clock in the morning, in Gilgamesh Hall, where the campaign included a number of activities, the first of which was a scientific symposium on early detection of breast cancer, delivered by Dr. Walaa Nouri Bayram, Director of the Cancer Detection Unit in the Babylon Health Department.
The symposium was followed by A practical workshop on breast cancer self-examination was presented by Assistant Lecturer Souad Abd Al-Hussein Makhif, teaching assistant in the Nursing Department. There was also a tour of the college’s corridors to distribute the campaign’s brochure.
To introduce the importance of early detection of breast cancer.

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