Virtual court


In the presence of Professor Dr. (Aqeel Al-Saadi), Dean of Hilla University College, and under the supervision of both the Head of the Law Department and the Professor of the Virtual Court, Judge Qutaiba Jalawla Al-Janabi, and in the presence of a number of Law Department professors and students, practical application procedures were held in the Virtual Courtroom in the Law Department, where the roles of the Virtual Court were distributed to The students of the third stage include the president of the court, its members, the public prosecutor, the opponents’ attorneys, and the accused, simulating the criminal court.
After the end of the virtual court, Professor Dr. Aqeel Al-Saadi gave a speech in which he praised the efforts made to make the virtual court a success. He also pointed out the great importance of the law to all aspects of society, wishing the college students to be an example of a successful lawyer in the future.
The Law Department of this activity aims to train students practically on litigation procedures before criminal courts, which will give students experience and skill in practicing their work in the future.


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