The Department of English Language (Education) at Hilla University College holds a big celebration on the occasion of its eighth anniversary.


In honor of the eighth anniversary of the founding of the Department of English Language (Education), and under the patronage and presence of Professor Dr. Aqeel Al-Saadi, Dean of the College, Hilla University College held a celebration in the presence of distinguished social, cultural and academic figures at the level of Babylon Governorate.
The celebration, which included various paragraphs, began with the reading of verses from the Holy Quran by reciter Hussein Haddad, then the Republican anthem was played and a minute of silence was observed to read Surat Al-Fatihah for the souls of the nation’s martyrs and the martyrs of Palestine.
After that, the Dean of the College, Professor Dr. Aqeel Al-Saadi, took the podium and delivered a speech in which he congratulated the department’s leadership on its teaching and professional staff and its students, expressing his pride and pride in this distinguished scientific department because of its distinguished position at the local, Arab and international levels.
After that, there was a speech by the head of the English Department, Professor Dr. Abbas Deygan, in which he praised the achievements achieved by Hilla College during the past years of its life, stressing that everything the department has achieved is because of the support of the Deanship of the College by all possible means.
The ceremony included various activities, the first of which was a song about love for the homeland presented by vocalist Muhammad Al-Hassani, followed by a reading of a prose poem by student Mays Abdel Wahed, then a theatrical performance entitled “Shilo” from the play “The Merchant of Venice” presented by the artist, assistant teacher Hassan Al-Ghabini, then a song in the English language presented by a group of department students. In addition to poetry readings in English by the student Hussein Mohsen and the student Rafala Hazem.
The ceremony also included an exhibition of oil paintings, portraits, and drawing on paper and glass, in addition to a diverse art bazaar.

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