Celebration of #World_Radiation_Day

the Department of Radiology at Hilla University College held a celebration of World Radiology Day, in the presence of the Dean of the College, Professor Dr. (Aqeel Al-Saadi), the assistant deans for scientific and administrative affairs, and the presidency of the Radiology Department.
During his speech, Al-Saadi, Dean of the College, praised the distinguished capabilities and good reputation enjoyed by the professors of the Radiology Department at the College, expressing his pride in the highly motivated radiology students whom the whole world is celebrating today.
For his part, Dr. Sabah Al-Rubaiy, Head of the Radiology Department at our college, welcomed the attendees. Explaining that the college, since its inception, has been keen to commemorate various occasions at the national and international levels, it is distinguished by these activities and events, adding that the celebration of World Radiology Day is not a passing celebration, but rather a touch of appreciation for this important humanitarian profession, which is one of the pillars of integrated medical work.
The ceremony included many items, including honoring the dean of the college and the department’s professors and students…



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