Hilla University College hosts Dr. Zainab Sati’


Within the activities of Global Leadership Week, the Women’s Empowerment Unit, in cooperation with the Continuing Education Unit, held a symposium entitled (Writing Feminist Travel Literature), presented by the writer Dr. Zainab Sati’ Abbas, on Saturday 11/18/2023.. The writer discussed the topic of trips, the most important topics of which were:
1- Explaining interest in travel literature, and viewing it as a literature open to biography, story, dialogue, and paradox.
2- Clarifying that feminist writing contains many small details that attract the recipient and contribute to the analysis of situations and events.
The symposium came out with recommendations:
1- The researcher recommends not limiting yourself to the pens of the capital in the world of literature, but rather getting to know other pens, whether northern or southern. Literature becomes more beautiful with diversity.
2- You see the necessity of giving the paper book and its content some time and importance. In electronic literature, it is fleeting and does not remain in the mind or in the heart. This calls for its significant strengthening. After that, there were interventions and discussions between the writer and the audience.
At the end of the symposium, Professor Dr. Aqeel Al-Saadi, Dean of the College, presented the shield of excellence and creativity to the researcher, wishing her more brilliance and creativity.

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