Department of Accounting

The Accounting Department was established in 2017 and aims to prepare specialized accounting cadres to work in various governmental and private sectors, deal with modern and different systems, and possess the ability and high skill in accounting work.


Vision The department believes that public funds are the property of the community and should be dealt with using generally accepted scientific accounting principles and that would preserve these funds and be managed in a systematic manner that touches the edges of accounting sciences by benefiting from advanced international experiences

. the message

Providing the community with trained accounting cadres scientifically and systematically on using the latest accounting methods and principles in dealing with funds and managing them in a scientific manner. The department is keen to update scientific curricula annually to touch global developments in the field of accounting sciences, which leads to enriching the department’s message



The Accounting Department at Hilla University College is committed to graduating accountants with a bachelor’s degree in accordance with advanced educational curricula directed to the needs of society.The department is committed to providing the best financial advice and feasibility studies for projects according to the principle of cost, benefit.Consolidating and supporting the principles of continuous research and development in the field of financial and accounting sciences, and encouraging participation in scientific conferences held for this purpose.Providing audit cadres on scientific basis to contribute to detecting deviations in budgets, financial plans and accounting procedures, and detecting cases of financial manipulation for the purpose of reducing financial and administrative corruption.

Quality Policy The department adopts work in accordance with the policy of total quality in the field of education and following the standards approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in preparation for the transition to international standards and keeping pace with the edges of science. oath pledge The department undertakes to abide by what was stated in the principles of the quality policy defined for the department administratively and legally, which are related to students and other beneficiaries, by raising the scientific level and the quality of accounting education.

Head of Accounting Department

Dr. Ali Jeeran Abdul Ali

Dr. Ali Jeeran Abdul Ali