Department of Dental Medicine

The Department of Dentistry /University Hilla College was established in 2017-2018 and aims to prepare medical cadres specialized in oral and maxillofacial medicine and surgery with a solid scientific and professional level, in addition to teaching them in various scientific and applied laboratories and the duration of study in the college is five years.



The department believes that public health, including oral and dental health, is an urgent need and must be submitted to the community, and work in its field should be carried out using scientific foundations and a solid process based on the latest developments in this science and is fully acceptable in order to maintain the internationally recognized requirements in this field and be managed in a systematic manner Higher than the edges of the growing need to benefit from advanced international experiences.

the message

Providing the community with trained dental cadres, scientifically, methodically, and soberly, to use the latest methods and principles in conducting treatment on patients and managing them in a scientific and tight manner. Consultation in the department and following up on the update taking place in the scientific curricula annually to keep pace with global developments in the field of dental sciences, which leads to the fulfillment of the department’s mission.


The Department of Dental Medicine aims to:

  • – Seeking to establish medical units specialized in dental implants and treatment of congenital malformations.
  • Work to raise the cultural level of citizens through scientific seminars and the media
  • – Seeking to raise the level of medical services provided to citizens by graduating qualified dentists to work in government institutions.
  • Raise the scientific level of students and teachers by encouraging scientific research and sending them on missions outside Iraq.
  • Seeking to establish a specialized center for maxillofacial surgery with laser to treat various surgical cases.
  • Communication and joint cooperation with the corresponding colleges and institutions locally, regionally and globally.
  • Seeking to open postgraduate studies in all disciplines of dental branches

Quality Policy

  1. The Department of Dentistry at Al-Hilla College, Al-Ahliyya University adopts the best scientific training methods and the best international standards to provide the best treatment services to the local community, and the department is obligated to use the finest materials, devices, equipment and medical tools to obtain the highest levels of patient satisfaction and comfort.
  2. Consolidating and supporting the principles of improvement of educational services and the importance of continuous development. Therefore, mechanisms of continuous development and training have been adopted at all levels and specializations and for all academic, technical and administrative workers in them.
  1. The Department of Dentistry at Al-Hilla College, Al-Ahliyya University, and all its teachers, doctors, technicians, and administrative staff are committed to applying the requirements of quality management systems in general and the requirements of the ISO 9001 system in particular in all the college’s clinics, laboratories, departments and branches.
  2. The college provides a supportive environment and optimal use of available resources and achieves partnership with various community institutions interested in providing medical services.
  3. Attracting distinguished talents and developing their capabilities through continuous training, creating a motivating work environment and instilling the spirit of one team.
    1. Continuing the college to provide the best infrastructure and permanent maintenance to it and to prepare suitable work environments for all its employees, students, visitors and in all branches.
    2. The college is committed to graduating highly qualified dentists according to advanced educational curricula directed to the needs of the community.

    Section pledge:

    The Department of Dentistry / Al Hillah College, Al Ahlia University undertakes to abide by the specific quality policy of the college administratively and legally, which is related to students and other beneficiaries, by raising the scientific level and the quality of providing treatment to patients in laboratories and clinics.



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department of dentistry

Head of the Dental Department

A.M.D. Dr. Ali Mohsen Al-Yasiri

A.M.D. Dr. Ali Mohsen Al-Yasiri