Department of Economics

The Department of Economics is one of the basic departments in Al-Hilla College, Al-Ahlia University. The importance of this department appears as a result of the breadth of economic problems, and their inclusion in all aspects of life, whether at the micro or macro level. On the other hand, it can be said that the economic problem is the basis for the emergence of other political and social problems. Therefore, Hilla University College took the initiative to open this department in 2009, in an effort by the college to respond to the requirements of the labor market, and to provide qualified scientific cadres, which can contribute to finding solutions to the economic problems that economic establishments suffer from, and improving their performance to ensure their continuity, growth, development and raising their efficiency.

The Department of Economics was established in 2009, with the aim of graduating cadres familiar with economic sciences at the bachelor’s level.

Economics department goals1- Giving the student a scientific orientation based on analysis, interpretation, and searching for causes and results that the student has the ability to be creative in their interpretation.2- The scientific staff in the department works to create economic awareness among students that has a positive impact on the individual and society.3- The department works on consolidating human values ​​through the scientific and human concept of economics.3- Active participation with other sciences in addressing the problems facing society.4- Enabling the student to understand how to optimally invest in natural and human resources.5- Qualifying the student in the use of scientific research methods and techniques in economic studies.It is also one of the objectives of the Economics Department at Al-Hilla College, Ahlia University1- Preparing specialized cadres to work in state departments and private sector establishments. 2 Preparing specialized staff for scientific research purposes 4- Creating specialized and scientific staff by deepening scientific knowledge in advanced economic studies. 5- Effective contribution to the implementation and development of the continuing education process in the country, which aims to create continuous interaction between economists in the field of work and scientific economic expertise.Developing scientific and practical experience and activating qualitative economic knowledge 6-7- Contribute to solving problems facing formal and informal economic activities.One of the department’s future goals• Developing and developing economic curricula.• Using modern methods of teaching that go beyond traditional methods to the greatest possible degree.• Make every effort to raise the level of educational attainment and skills acquired by students through the academic program.• Work on attracting distinguished elements from the educational staff.• Conducting distinguished research, especially that serves the rapid and changing economic needs in the region, at various levels and for all sectors. Expanding the scientific achievements of the faculty members and raising the scientific reputation of the department to the local and international levels.Active involvement in providing possible services to the community and introducing it to some economic principles and knowledge in order to enable it to identify the economic problems it suffers from and how to address them

The department works through the diversity of academic disciplines to connect the graduate more with the needs of economic and social institutions. The department includes a teaching staff of holders of postgraduate degrees, masters and doctoratesThe Department of Economics seeks to develop the economic knowledge of the students of the department.. and develop the relationship with the community and improve through the preparation of specialized human cadres capable of serving the community and providing the student with knowledge in the fields of economics.The Department of Economics seeks to contribute to achieving the requirements of society and the labor market by graduating scientific and professional cadres in the field of economics, and developing the research and applied capabilities of university qualification holders in proportion to achieving sustainable development and investing the technical and technological dimension in proportion to our value constantsThe department aims to lay the foundations of the initial and higher studies in the fields of economy, develop scientific research activities in them, and graduate professional cadres specialized in the economy capable of meeting the needs of the local community to contribute to solving economic problems facing the local environment and solving economic problems facing the local environment and organizations and providing advice to them.


Macro and Microeconomics

The Iraqi Academy held an electronic workshop on (macro and micro-economics) on Thursday, 15/7/2021 at nine o'clock in the evening, in which professors M. Mina Abdul Hussein Karim and M.M. Baida Mohammad Diaa, faculty members at Hilla…