English Department

The English Department in College  of Education for Human Sciences/ seeks to provide better service to society by graduating English teachers for all levels to serve the learning and the development of speaking English as an international language by knowing the needs of the community to develop this language because it is associated with  fields of education, research, consultation, administration, and others .

Vision The formation of an integrated and balanced personality, intellectually, scientifically and morally.Creating a tendency to acquire knowledge and pursue scientific research.Developing the spirit of creation and creativity and training students to show and develop their personal capabilities.Develop the ability to think independently and self-confidence.Develop the spirit of cooperation and interaction with others and refine and highlight the original personality of the university, who believes in teamwork, purposeful and creative contribution.Identify the nature of the profession and realize its mission.Helping students to adapt personally, socially and academically


the message To aspire to prepare a qualified human resource from a scientific, educational and psychological point of view, capable of creating a developed society that actively participates in the development of global and human culture in the present and the future and achieving social, economic and political development in society. Objectives Preparing scientifically, educationally and psychologically qualified individuals to work at all levels of study in educational and educational institutions (primary – secondary – preparatory)2. Strengthening the college’s connection with the community by preparing qualified graduates to carry out their professional duties, making them role models in their behavior and social relations 3. Introducing graduates to the educational and psychological problems faced by students of educational and educational institutions and how to develop appropriate solutions to them.


4- Working on developing the capabilities of talented and creative students and caring for physically and psychologically handicapped students through their own institutions.

The Department of English at Hilla University College and all its teachers are committed to applying the requirements of quality management systems in general and the requirements of the ISO 9001 system in particular in all college clinics, laboratories, departments and branches.


– Consolidating and supporting the principles of improvement of educational services and the importance of continuous development, so the mechanisms of continuous development and training have been adopted at all levels and specializations and for all academic, technical and administrative workers in them.- The department continues to provide the best infrastructure and permanent maintenance, and to prepare suitable work environments for all its employees, students and visitors.The department provides a supportive environment and optimal use of available resources and achieves partnership with various community institutions.The department is committed to graduating highly qualified teachersAttracting distinguished talents and developing their capabilities through continuous training, creating a motivating work environment and instilling the spirit of one team.oath pledge The Department of English Language / Hilla University College undertakes to abide by the specific quality policy of the college, administratively and legally, towards the educational institution and the beneficiary parties, in order to achieve the quality of training for students.



With more satisfaction and acceptance of God’s decree and destiny, the Deanship of Hilla University College extends its deepest condolences and great sympathy to the head of the English language department in our college, Professor Dr. May…

Head of the English department

Dr. Abbas Degan

Dr. Abbas Degan