Hilla University College

Hilla University College

Hilla University College was established based on Cabinet Resolution No. (390) in the fortieth regular session on 3/11/2009, as well as the final creation decision of the College issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research Ministerial Order No. C H/2109/ on 04/18/2011, which stipulated on the start of admission to the college from the academic year 2010/2011. Since that time, Hilla University College has become and is still a great scientific tributary in the province of Babylon. Many students of the province and employees of the various departments who did not have the opportunity to complete their university studies to study in the departments (law_economics_theatrical arts- Physical Education – English Education – Accounting – Dentistry – Nursing – Medical Device Techniques – Medical Physics – Laboratory Techniques) The Deanship of the College has provided the material, human and scientific requirements in order to build this scientific edifice in proportion to the reasons for its establishment in the province of Babil
Hilla University College seeks to nurture science and advance educational science and scientific research at the local, regional and international levels, and its promise is a way to improve performance and achieve global standards with high diversified indicators in light of the 2022 vision in education.
  • Graduating distinguished competencies compatible with the needs of the community, capable of leading the community and spreading knowledge and science to benefit the community and achieve its ambitions. Hilla University College contributes to the development of university education and the graduation of competencies referred to in community service.
  • Raising the scientific and educational level through improving and developing academic and educational programs, and seeking to modernize the scientific curricula, raise the student and teaching staff, and improve relations between them.
  • Working on activating e-learning and moving towards modern technology and linking it to the educational process and administrative processes and making technology available to students and faculty, and moving towards consolidating the precise specializations by supporting scientific research and allocating funds to pay the journal of scientific research and development.
  • Supporting external participations and participation in festivals, scientific conferences and workshops.Striving to improve relations between the college, students and alumni and to find job opportunities for them within the college
  • Spreading the culture of quality within the college and scientific departments according to the indicators presented.
  • Updating education programs for courses, curricula and books to achieve the highest level of education.
  • Encouraging scientific research and disbursing financial prizes for publication in international journals and a serious attempt to implement them.
  • Cross-fertilization of knowledge and information with local and international universities and the hosting of scientific competencies.
  • Monitoring the college’s infrastructure and satisfying students’ need for electronic knowledge and making a serious attempt to be a viable alternative to traditional learning.
  • Spreading the culture of quality through posters and advertisements
  • Forming committees that serve to introduce and activate quality standards

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Part of the creativity of the students of the Department of Dentistry, fourth stage, at Hilla University College, where work was carried out in the private educational clinics of the Department of Dentistry for one of the dental patients.…


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