law Department

The Law Department was established in 2011 and aims to prepare distinguished and qualified lawyers to provide legal advice, file lawsuits and spread legal culture.


Vision Specialized individuals graduated with practical knowledge in the field of law, and this serves the community at all local, regional and global levels.

the message

Work according to high-quality academic standards that lead to the preparation of qualified lawyers equipped with the necessary legal expertise to file lawsuits and disputes arising from them.


The Law Department aims to: Providing students with the necessary legal information to provide legal and advisory services at the level of courts or state institutions and their public and private sectorsFamiliarize students with Iraqi and comparative legal legislationEnhancing and raising the legal level of the student by preparing him to work in the real field

Depends on the following:  1 – The Law Department at Hilla University College is committed to graduating lawyers with a bachelor’s degree in accordance with advanced educational curricula directed to the needs of society.  2 – The department is committed to providing the best infrastructure and providing an appropriate work environment for all employees, teachers, technicians and students.  3- Consolidating and supporting the principles of continuous research and development and encouraging participation in scientific conferences.  4- The department adopts the best methods of application and training to raise the level of students in the professional aspect related to filing lawsuits and providing legal advice


oath pledge       The department undertakes to abide by what was stated and the specific quality policy of the department administratively and legally, which is related to students and other beneficiaries, by raising the scientific and legal level of the student in order to practice legal work in the required manner



البوابة الالكترونية لقسم القانون

الجدول الدراسي


الكادر التدريسي

المكتبة الالكترونية للقسم

الملازم الدراسية

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Head of the law department

Dr. Emad Kazem Al-Shibli

Dr. Emad Kazem Al-Shibli