Department of Medical Physics

The Department of Medical Physics was established in 2017-2018 and aims to prepare specialized medical physics cadres to work in the various lobbies of government and private hospitals, deal with emergency and different cases, and have the ability to deal with auditors and patients of different ages, on a scientific and professional level.

Vision Graduated individuals specialized in the field of medical physics and its branches and the use of modern equipment for treatment and detection of diseases in order to serve the community at all local, regional and global levels.   the message Medical Physics The practice of modern medicine is effectively dependent on a number of techniques, tools, and physical principles. The urgent need for accuracy in the methods of diagnosis and treatment and to improve their performance, and to the continuous development of techniques and physical tools used in this, led to the formation of medical physics.Objectives To be a graduate of Medical Physics has knowledge of the following 1- The normal structure and functions of the human body and the main vital system 2- Radiation, radioactivity, dosimetry and medical devices 3- Radiation safety practice and radiation shielding requirements 4- Medical imaging and related equipment

Quality Policy Depends on the following:  1 – The Department of Medical Physics at Hilla University College is committed to graduating medical physicists in the fields of diagnosing and treating patients with special needs. To ensure that radiation reaches the cancerous tumor and keeps it away from healthy tissues that do not contain tumors, from holders of a bachelor’s degree, according to advanced educational curricula directed to the needs of society.  2 – The department is committed to providing the best infrastructure and providing an appropriate work environment for all employees, teachers, technicians and students.3- Consolidating and supporting the principles of continuous research and development and encouraging participation in scientific conferences. 4 – The department adopts the best methods of application and training to raise the level of students in the professional aspect related to detection and use of medical devices and equipment. oath pledge The department undertakes to abide by what was stated and the specific quality policy of the department administratively and legally, which is related to students and other beneficiary bodies, by raising the scientific level and quality of detection and diagnosis of diseases in hospitals and governmental and private clinics


Head of the Department of Medical Physics

Dr. Hussein Maalla Hussein Kadhim

Dr. Hussein Maalla Hussein Kadhim