Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences

The Department of Physical Education and Sports Science was established in 2016 and aims to prepare specialized sports cadres to work in various educational and sports institutions (sports clubs and youth forums) and deal with individuals of all ages on a scientific and professional level.


Vision The department believes that physical education is one of the most important means for the advancement of society, if at the time studied scientific foundations are used to maintain the health of society and actively contribute to strengthening bonds of friendship with other societies through participation in international forums and the absolute belief that sport is for all..

the message

Providing the community with teaching and training cadres according to scientific foundations to contribute to the development of sports activities in governmental and semi-governmental institutions and to develop sports capabilities and talents through systematic practical training to keep pace with sports development in advanced societies.



Objectives The Department of Physical Education aims as a major tributary of qualified teaching, training and administrative staff who are able to work in educational and sports institutions with high efficiency and quality at all levels through teaching various sports skills and managing and organizing sports events and activities.

Depends on the following:


1 – The Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences at Hilla University College is committed to graduating teachers and administrators with a bachelor’s degree in accordance with advanced scientific curricula directed to the needs of society.


2 – The department is committed to providing the best infrastructure and providing an appropriate work environment for all employees, teachers, technicians and students.


3- Consolidating and supporting the principles of continuous research and development and encouraging participation in scientific conferences.


The department adopts the best methods of application and training to raise the level of students in the educational and professional aspect.


oath pledge


The department undertakes to abide by what was stated and the specific quality policy of the department, administratively and legally, which concerns students and other beneficiary bodies, by raising the scientific level and the quality of work in educational and sports institutions.



Head of the Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences

Dr. Ali Abdul-Amir Jabbar Al-Hasnawi

Dr. Ali Abdul-Amir Jabbar Al-Hasnawi