Department of X-ray and ultrasound techniques

The department aims to graduate skilled technical staff in the field of diagnostic radiography and be qualified to operate various radiographic devices (X-rays, sonar, scanners and magnetic resonance) in various health institutions and take care of them. Highly efficient technical cards capable of dealing with complex and advanced technologies in the field of medical devices Radiography is able to draw successful results to reach an accurate diagnosis of various pathological conditions by the specialized radiologist, which in turn leads to a curative treatment for these pathological conditions.


The mission of the Department of Radiology Technologies is to direct and adapt all its resources to reach excellence in education, research and patient care, and to contribute to the improvement of human health and the prevention of diseases throughout Iraq to provide services and medical care in the field of radiology, in accordance with the traditions and ethical and professional values. This message includes the basic elements in improving patient care in Iraq, including education, scientific research, continuing education, community service, qualifying professional competencies in radiology techniques, and actively contributing to scientific research and community service, through a stimulating environment for the acquisition, dissemination and production of knowledge in radiology techniques, and the optimal use of technology. Building local and global partnerships.

Quality and excellence in the field of technology and application of radiological sciences and medical imaging. And that the Department of Radiology Technologies has a unique scientific standing in the academic scientific community locally and in the Arab world and plays an effective and influential applied role in the technical, health and medical fields, according to the needs of society and the requirements of the labor market


Radiation and sonar techniques

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