CollegeThe Lunch Of The Activist Of The First Scientific And Sports Gathering For Distinguished Students Of tennis Games At Hilla University


Under the title (Excellence and Creativity in light of sustainable development) sponsored by Hilla University College -Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences and in cooperation with the University of Babylon -College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences and the Provincial Affairs Branch of the Iraqi Sports Association, the first scientific and sports gathering was held on Sunday 5-21-2023 For distinguished students of racquet games, where a workshop was held entitled ( methods and techniques of Motor Learning for racquet games) and the second workshop ( methods and techniques of Training for racquet games) Lectured by Babylon University Professors Nahida Abd Zaid, Maher Abdul Hamza Hardan, Haider Juma and Assistant Professor Mohmmad Moath
In addition to holding sports competitions at the stadium and the university garden for (basketball, volleyball, table tennis)


With the participation of the Universities of the Euphrates (Kufa, Babil, Qadisiyah, Al-Qasim Al-Khadra) the awards distributed by the Dean of the College, the Associate Dean for Administrative Affairs and the Head of the Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences.
In light of the gathering, the University of Kufa team was honored as the second winner of the Universities Championship for Arena and Field Games, which was held at the University of Baghdad.

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