Al-Hila University College Participate In The First Scientific Conference On The Quality Of Nursing Education In Iraq


Al-Hilah University College, represented by the Department of Nursing, participated in the first scientific conference on the quality of nursing education in Iraq at Al-Kufa University, in the presence of the Chancellor of the University and a large number of deans of nursing colleges in Iraq.
The participation of our college resulted in qualitative research by the Head of Nursing Department. Professor Dr. Hassan Alwan Baye who is a consultant physician and expert of the International Health Organisation for the method of solving health problems by a team. The first research tagged (evaluation of the experiences of newly graduated nurses and workers in psychiatric estates in Iraq – qualitative study).
Second research tagged (epidemiological features of transitional children diseases in the maternity and children hospital for the period 2017-2021 in Babylon governorate) was attended by both PhD students in nursing Sahar Hasan and Faras Knawi nursing
The Research on these topics is considered very rare in Iraq despite their health consequences and their importance to the health scheme and the health policymaker of Iraq’s health system. Knowing the epidemiological characteristics of infectious diseases among Iraqi children contributes to the control and prevention of them. Studying the suffering of the newly graduated nurse contributes to the development of sober academic nursing education and monitoring of outputs to achieve sustainable human development goals through the development of the nursing profession in our beloved country.

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